About Us

Faith Formation:

A Saints Mary & Mathias Catholic School education develops, to the highest degree possible, the spiritual potential of each child. Religion is part of the lifestyle at Saints Mary & Mathias Catholic School. Students participate in daily religion classes, all-school masses, grade level masses, prayer services and monthly Adoration. Prayer, both formal and informal, is an integral part of our faith education. Students are expected and encouraged to make responsible choices.

SMMCS teaches students the value of showing compassion and serving others by visiting local nursing homes, sending letters to Parish shut-ins, sending care packages and cards to our troops and veterans and raising money for those in need, both locally and internationally.

Academic Excellence:

Saints Mary and Mathias is a school built on a tradition of Catholic values and academic excellence.  Performance is demonstrated with consistent success on the Iowa Assessments.
  • Students are each challenged to perform to their potential with structured instruction and projects. 
  • All subjects, including reading, math, social studies, science, spelling, enrichment, technology and handwriting are taught at all grade levels for the entire year. Homework is assigned and expected to be completed. 
  • SMMCS students have opportunities to present their talents through art projects, singing, reading and participating at Mass, plays and the annual talent show.

Facilities and Programs:

  • Facilities include a chapel, full-size gymnasium, cafeteria, library with media center, updated playground and a prayer garden. 
  • Wireless Macbook technology in the classrooms. 
  • Enrichment programs include Spanish and library skills. 
  • 5th grade students participate in the city-wide science fair, track meet, orchestra lessons and band programs.

Tuition and Funding:

We work hard to secure funding and minimize costs to maintain affordable tuition. The school is strongly supported by the Parish. Income is supplemented through fundraising, donations and grants.  We work with families to access as much funding from the State Tuition Organization of Southeast Iowa (STO) and scholarships as possible. No Catholic child will be turned away due to financial issues. 

2016-17 Tuition
Base Rate Kindergarten -5th Grade = $2400
Base Rate Grade 6 = $2700

We offer multi-child discounts.  The 2nd child pays 75% of base rate for their grade; 3rd child pays 50% of the base rate for their grade.  Any additional children do not pay tuition.

Before and After School Program:

Before school care is provided for $3/day in the cafeteria opening at 6:45am.
After school care is provided in the cafeteria until 5:30pm at a fee of $6.75/day. The program provides professional care, supervision, recreation and nutrition for students staying after their regular school day.


Bus transportation is available through the Muscatine Community Schools. Any applicable bus fees are due at the time of August registration. Contact the Muscatine Transportation Department at (563) 263-7288 for more information.

Catholic Board of Education:

The Catholic Board of Education implements and oversees local and diocesan board of education policies. The board is the regulatory body that oversees all Catholic education programs and curricula in Muscatine with the primary focus of students enrolled at Saints Mary & Mathias Catholic School. The board meets each month on the 3rd Monday.