Meet Our Principal

Welcome to our school!

Saints Mary and Mathias is a school built on a tradition of Catholic values and academic excellence.  The goal of our school is to work with parents to produce students with strong spiritual, academic, and emotional foundations.  We have high expectations of our staff, parents, and students, and we believe this translates into creating a spiritual and academic atmosphere that brings forth the best in every one of our students.  We also pride ourselves on having an active and motivated parent base.  Their commitment to their students' growth helps make this school great.

My connection to Ss Mary & Mathias Catholic School extends beyond just being principal. I attended elementry school here myself.  What I am today, is in part, due to the education and formation I received as a student of SMMCS.  It has always held a very special spot in my heart, and it is a privilidge that I don't take lightly to be able to come back and work at this school. I look forward to sending my daughters to school here in the upcoming years.  I am excited to know what an education from this school will do for them and their future.

This tradition of scholarship and character development continues today with our excellent and honorable students. As an educator, I am proud to be associated with Ss Mary & Mathias Catholic School and its dedicated and experienced faculty and staff. I would challenge anyone to find a more dedicated and outstanding staff anywhere in this area.  Likewise, I know and appreciate the ongoing commitment of the students' parents and families.  We have a diverse and talented group of students and parents.  To that end, we work hard to continue the long tradition of Catholic schools being a place open to students of all beliefs, backgrounds, and means. 

I welcome the opportunity to help make SMMCS an ever more valuable part of our Parish and of the community. 

Ben Nietzel