Guardian Angel Preschool

Thank you for your interest in our preschool classes at Ss. Mary and Mathias Catholic School! 

We offer three programs:  Pre-K, 4-year olds and 3-year olds. Each preschool class has both a fully trained and certified teacher as well as a fantastic classroom associate. 

If you would like to enroll your child for the Fall, registration opens January 4, 2016 for 3's and 4's; PreK enrollment begins April 1, 2016.   Classes will remain open until they fill up, so please don’t delay. Specific class times are first come first served.

Dress code does not apply to preschool.  Clothing should contain appropriate images and sayings, and not present a safety risk or unnecessary distraction to the child or their peers.

Preschool Registration Form

To reserve your spot, return this registration form and $70 registration/materials fee to the school office. Before school begins in the fall, a current immunization record, physical exam (well-child exam), and a copy of the birth certificate will also be required.

Pre-Kindergarten:  4 or 5 year olds

There are MANY reasons to consider the Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) option for your 4 or 5-year old child. However, the primary purpose of the Pre-K class is to give students, who might need an additional year to grow either socially, emotionally, or academically, a chance to do so prior to entering Kindergarten.

Just because a child old enough and is able to do Kindergarten academic work, does not mean that entering Kindergarten is the best fit for the child, at his or her current level of social or emotional maturity.

We believe that giving a child the time he or she needs to grow in all aspects of her or his development leads to greater school success, increased confidence, and a better overall school experience.

The Pre-K program costs $200 a month ($1800 for the year) plus the non-refundable $70 registration/materials fee. Financial aid is available for those that qualify. The class meets Tues – Fri from 8:10am to 2:50pm. The maximum Pre-K class size is 20.

4 Year Olds

For the 4-year-old classes, students must be four by September 15 and fully potty trained. The cost for 4-year-old preschool is currently subsidized by the State of Iowa and is free for the year, other than the $70 registration/materials fee.

The program works to develop critical academic, social, and behavioral skills that help lead to success in a child’s school career. The program follows the Gold Curriculum, and is very focused on helping young children develop and grow the skills they need for school success.

Classes include (class size maximum 20):
  • Tues - Fri mornings 8:10am – 11:10am
  • Tues - Fri afternoons 11:50am – 2:50pm

3 Year Olds

For the 3-year-old classes, students must be three by September 15 and be fully potty trained. The cost for 3-year-old preschool is $70 a month ($700 for the year) plus the non-refundable $70 registration/materials fee. 

Students will work on basic skills that will prepare them for four-year-old preschool such as socialization, number and letter recognition, name writing, and listening skills. 

Classes include (class size maximum 16):
  • Tues and Thurs mornings 8:10am – 11:10am
  • Wed and Fri mornings 8:10am – 11:10am
  • Tues and Thurs afternoons 11:50am – 2:50pm